Hopefully we are able to answer most of your questions here, but for any answers you don’t find, get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a quick chat. We also like to occasionally get out of the office so we are always happy to meet for a cuppa and a chat if that is easier! Get in touch via the contact page and leave the rest to us.


Q. Can you explain what consultancy services you offer?

If you work within the Health and Social Care sector, we can help improve the way your business operates, assist you within your career or provide a sounding board for potential changes and provide recommendations. The services we offer are wide ranging and we are always open to challenges. Our consultancy page should give you an idea of how we operate, but the starting point for us would always be a quick conversation to help us both understand how we can work with you.


Q. What are the mandatory courses that I need as a Care Worker?

Currently the Care Certificate and Yearly Refresher are mandatory courses although this is always subject to changes in legislation. If you are an experienced Care Worker, it is your employer’s responsibility to determine if you need to do the Care Certificate but everyone needs to do the Yearly Refresher.


Q. I’m not sure what training I need. What course should I do next in my career?

A. Typically, before we provide a recommended development plan, we have a consultation with the individual or organisation who requires the training. Perhaps you may not think that you do require additional training, so we can help you assess your current skill and knowledge level. There is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to training. Even the courses we offer may need an element of tailoring to fit your requirements and values. It makes the first consultation especially important to assess your needs. We’ll then provide you of an outline of what we think would be the best development plan for you and then you can decide whether to proceed with our recommendation or any changes you would like us to make to it. The consultation is always friendly and always free!


Q. I’m interested in a career in Health and Social Care but I’m not 100% sure it’s for me. What advice are you able to give?

We are always happy to chat Health and Social Care careers with individuals and businesses. Further to that, our Care Certificate Information Session is probably the best overview of the sector that we could book you onto. It’s only a day but is designed to provide you with a good gateway onto further learning.


Q. What are the prices of the courses?

Our tailored approach to teaching these courses means that our prices depend on the requirements you give us. A number of factors can affect the prices of these courses such as the number of learners, the location where the course takes place, the amount of tailoring we need to do to the existing material to align with your organisations values. It is best to contact us so that we can go through these all with you and provide you with an accurate quote.


Q. Do you offer free courses?

A course is never free as somewhere down the line it is being paid for! We are up front with this as it is important not to mislead learners. However, many of our courses do attract a variety of funding that can assist with all or some of the course costs. Once you select the courses that work best for you, we will be more than happy to use our experience to point you in the right direction of possible course funding.


Q. Are the courses eligible for funding?

We offer plenty of courses that are eligible for full funding or some funding. Once you select the courses that work best for you, we will be more than happy to use our experience to point you in the right direction of possible course funding.


Q. What are the payment terms for each course?

Typically our payment terms are 50% of the total course value (this forms your deposit) before the course commences and the remaining 50% to be paid within 14 days of completion of the course. Please contact us if there are alternative payment terms that you would like to discuss.


Q. What are the maximum number of learners you teach?

Each course has different teaching requirements which ranges between 4 to 10 learners per session depending on the course being taught.


Q. Can you offer one to one teaching?

We can but it is often more cost effective to teach a small group of learners and we also feel like it is the most effective way of learning as you can draw from other learner’s experiences and thoughts. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss your requirements.


Q. What support do you offer outside of the class room environment?

Our Training Managers are renowned for being very friendly and extremely approachable. Our objective is always to help you be successful in your learning so we are more than happy to be available for chats either in person, phone or email to reinforce your learning. Please be mindful that we teach many individuals every week so whilst we aim to be as available as possible, you may need to schedule any assistance required in advance with your Training Manager.


Q. I can’t find a specific course that I was looking for. Do you teach it?

We are constantly updating and refreshing our course list. The best way to keep up to date with it all is to sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page. However, if there is a specific course you are looking for, please get in touch as it might be that we have not publicised it yet.


Q. I am currently unemployed. Can I still do these training sessions?

Of course, these sessions are open for both organisations and individuals. We understand the challenges that learning whilst unemployed can bring so please get in touch and we can work out a process and development plan that suits you.


Q. If can’t attend a course, what should I do?

We do kindly ask if you are going to be late, you contact the office at the earliest possible opportunity so that the Training Manager can plan to minimise the disruption for the other learners. We understand the various life and employment pressures that may cause a learner to want to reschedule a training course but we do ask for 10 working days’ notice if you cannot attend (unless the course is booked at a shorter notice period) otherwise you risk losing your paid deposit.


Q. I don’t see available dates on the course. When is the next date for a particular course?

Whilst the Care Certificate course is run through the year with Yearly Refresher course, we tend to run other courses based upon demand together with what we believe to be the next step in our learner’s development path. If there is particular course you want to apply for and you can’t see a suitable date, please get in touch.


Q. I’m interested in becoming a Training Manager. Do you have any vacancies?

We are always on the lookout for talented, enthusiastic staff to work with our team in a variety of roles. Please contact us with details of your experience and we would be happy to discuss this further with you.


Q. Which locations do you teach these course at?

We have our own offices near to Brondesbury Park station in West London. This is our primary learning environment, it has all the equipment and facilities needed for you to get the most out of each session. However, we are happy to teach staff in your office setting, providing it is a suitable learning environment. We have also established relationships with many venues throughout the UK so please get in touch and we can work out the best scenario for you.