We offer a range of courses that are designed to build your understanding of everything health and social care related. We have been validated by industry recognised organisations for the quality of our training and learners always feel more knowledgeable, better equipped and confident to deliver outstanding care and manage their teams to do the same. All of our courses can be tailored to ensure they represent your polices and values. We encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and objectives so that our training reflects your personal or business needs.

Please keep checking back as we are continually improving and refining the range of courses that we offer.

CPD Accredited courses

Our CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses are accredited by a cross-industry accreditation centre which ensures the highest quality standards for professional learning. We are very proud of our CPD accreditation for these courses which we have developed and evolved over years of teaching them. The accreditation ensures that they not only ensure that the learner is knowledgeable but the quality of our teaching and techniques used are engaging, structured, methodical and can be applied in a professional health and social care setting.

Highfield accredited courses

Highfield are one of the leading providers of courses in the UK. We delighted to be an approved partner to deliver their detailed and proven training materials. We feel that the range of Highfield courses we offer are relevant for Health Care professionals but also have lot of relevance in many professional environments. Many organisations in the UK give the upper-most importance to using Highfield qualifications. We teach the courses that we feel best complements our overall course range.

Axela Training Courses

Through our years of experience working alongside care agencies to train their staff, we have developed a number of high quality courses which provide you with a platform for a successful and rewarding career in health and social care. These have been developed using the same detailed and thorough approach as taken with all our accredited courses. They are kept up to date to reflect changes in best practise and legislation and have evolved over years of training and learner feedback to ensure that they remain highly engaging and proven in giving the learner exceptional and relevant professional skills.

Health and Social Care Apprenticeships

Health and Social Care Apprenticeships give you a great grounding to get the most out of your career in the Health and Social Care sector. An apprenticeship gives you the chance to learn on the job in the most practical, hands-on way possible whilst supplementing that learning with key theoretical work. It’s a very practical way of learning and the government is currently putting a lot of support behind apprenticeships as method of up-skilling the population for work. For this reason, they are a particularly good entry point into the profession. To find out more about apprenticeships, please contact us.


We recognise that everyone learns in different ways and at different paces. eLearning is great as it gives you flexibility to learn at your own convenience in an environment comfortable to you. We'll soon be bring you a full range of eLearning courses which complement all our other courses on offer.

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