With all our experience gained from working with a wide range of clients (small to big businesses, experienced health care professionals, to those taking their first steps), we are perfectly placed to be Health and Social Care consultants to your business.

Our consultancy services complement our training services effectively. We don’t simply train individuals to earn certificates and diplomas, we train businesses to function better and more efficiently and help set them on their right direction.

We are always happy to have a meeting or phone call to talk through how your business is currently operating and where we can help the business and the staff to improve the quality of their work. Please get in contact with us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How We Work

Identifying the problem, goal or challenge

Sometimes, this is obvious to the client, other times it can take an outsider’s perspective to identify an area for improvement. Another scenario is that the business goal will determine the areas that we focus our attention on. Regardless of how the work commences, it is vital that this phase is carried out thoroughly and agreed upon by the client and ourselves for the rest of our work to be effective.

Our approach

What should you actually do to rectify the problems, achieve your goals or simply raise a high quality bar even higher? We’ll put this all into a proposal, outlining what we feel you require. It is important that our approach forms a common ground of what our clients expect from Axela Training and vice versa. Each recommendation will relate back to the initial problem, goal or challenge.

Getting to work

Sometimes we can set you up with plans and processes and periodically check in with you to review how you are doing. Sometimes, our staff will need to embed ourselves a bit more deeply within your organisation to get you on the right track. Once we work out the best approach for you, we will review that approach with you to ensure it fully reflects the goals you are aiming for and then we will start to put plans into action.

Our consultancy can take the form of:

  • Working out personal development plans for your staff.
  • Staff assessments in an office or care setting. Workplace based assessments, spot checks, monitoring visits and quality of service checks.
  • Developing and implementing a recruitment plan.
  • Staff retention techniques and strategies.
  • Recommending systems tools and technologies that will aid your work and benefit the service users.
  • Reviewing and recommending equipment and tools that are being used or are needed.
  • A redesign of your current services.
  • Assisting in the setup of your new care agency, guiding you through every step of the process.
  • Preparing you for important meetings with Local Authorities and the CQC (both pre-meeting coaching and attending meetings alongside you where possible).
  • Helping you introduce new services to your current business.
  • Report writing, documentation and other business administrative tasks.
  • Writing policies and procedures to guide the way that your business operates.
  • Care plan reviews.
  • Attending meetings regarding staff, service users or other organisations that you would work with in a care setting.
  • Management services or assisting your existing management team.
  • Helping you navigate CQC’s requirements of your business.

Through this all, we maintain our values of always putting the service user first above all else. Improving your business should be an enjoyable and rewarding process. We are honest, open to your concerns and we don’t settle for sub-standard quality of care just as we wouldn’t settle for this for our loved ones. If we think you can be doing more, we’ll be honest enough to tell you!

The Care Quality Commission (CQC)

We have such a wide range of experiences from agencies who require improvement to care homes who are already functioning exceptionally and want to remain ahead of their competitors.

We do not simply aim to help businesses get a good or outstanding rating from the CQC.

Strange as that seems, we much prefer helping business actually perform in a good or outstanding way. That in turn achieves a good or outstanding rating which is sustainable for your business. Delivering outstanding care matters to us, so we will not advise you to implement processes, systems and values that we don’t genuinely believe in and know are valuable to your services users and are recognised and appreciated by the CQC.

It’s important that any practices we develop with your organisation are for the ultimate goal of providing better care for the service user. Ultimately everything we do is designed to achieve that. Inspections shouldn’t simply be things that you fear and ‘pass’ but actually opportunities to learn what you are doing well and what can be improved. No matter how good you think you are – there is always room to be better. In any profession or activity, even the very best ensure that they use very best coaching to extract the highest level of performance. In this regard, businesses and organisations should not be any different.